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Bolesaw Stelmach | A Conceptual Journey

Monday, April 24, 2017 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Bolesaw Stelmach | A Conceptual Journey
Monday, April 24 | 5 PM
Ralph Rapson Hall | Room 100

Three architectural commissions from Poland will exemplify different design processes and spatial conditions. Presented by Professor Bolesaw Stelmach, the lecture will discuss how diverse conceptual motivations have resulted in particular design decisions and what happened after these projects were completed.

Professor Bolesaw Stelmach, architect, professor, and founder of Stelmach and Partners Architectural Office in Lublin, Poland. Bolesaw Stelmach is a winner of many international and Polish architectural competitions. For details, see his wikipedia page. *Please note, it will translate from Polish.

Presented by the University of Minnesota College of Design’s School of Architecture with support from the Cass Gilbert Lecture Fund.

100 Rapson Hall

  • 89 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN55455
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