Demystifying Millennial Management

Love them or hate them, Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce—yet somehow managers are still puzzling over how to best recruit, retain, and engage this confounding generation. Inspired by BridgeWorks’ Managing Millennials For Dummies book, this program demystifies the Millennial management challenge and explores how to streamline communication and collaboration among Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and even the next generation, Gen Edge. Best practices and proven strategies from Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, and other top employers provide real-world case studies of successful Millennial engagement. This comprehensive look at Millennial management strategies gives leaders the awareness, tools, and tactics to unlock Millennials' full potential, and answers the age-old question, “Why won’t they talk on the phone?”

BridgeWorks is a multigenerational team of experts and speakers who help companies learn how to leverage a better understanding of the generations to create a more compatible, cohesive and productive workforce, and to be better equipped to compete in the marketplace. We thrive on finding innovative ways to help organizations bridge generational divides. BridgeWorks provides customized solutions to clients through speeches, workshops, e-Learning, trainer certification and consulting. Our mission is to help people see the world through a generational lens to help them work smarter, manage better, and market with intentionality. We do this by mixing multimedia, business savvy, smart solutions, and a sense of humor. To learn more about BridgeWorks, visit their website at


  • Format: Video
  • Length: 01:00:50
  • Release Date: November 13, 2017
  • Presenter: BridgeWorks

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