Mentor Programs

Learn about U of M collegiate mentor programs and how to give back your time and talent as a mentor.

Since the early 90s, U of M collegiate mentor programs have matched more than 16,000 students with alumni and friends of the University of Minnesota.

The Mentoring Relationship

Mentor programs are managed within participating collegiate units and their alumni societies. Each fall, students and alumni are matched based on applications and career preferences. The program concludes in late spring with an annual Mentor Appreciation event. Mentoring relationships are intended to:

  • be professional in nature,
  • help students make the transition from an academic environment to the world of work, and
  • offer an opportunity for professional development, networking and an exchange of ideas between experienced professionals and the next generation of leaders.

Events for Mentor Pairs

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association, in collaboration with the collegiate mentor programs, provides programming and events for both mentors and students throughout the year. Mentor events and career programming are listed to the right. All alumni and students are welcome to attend, whether in a mentor program or not.

Mentor Programs by Collegiate Unit

Formal mentor programs are offered by many, but not all, colleges at the University of Minnesota. Specific mentor program information can be found by clicking the link above.


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Upcoming Events for Mentor Pairs

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