How do I advocate for the U?

It’s very easy and doesn’t take long, just follow these three steps:

1. Find out who your representative is by clicking here.

2. Formulate your story, by thinking about three questions.

  • How has the University impacted your life?
  • What makes you proud to be an alumnus of the University of Minnesota?
  • How has your University of Minnesota experience impacted Minnesota?

    3. Share your personal story with your legislator about why it is important that they support the University of Minnesota. Send an email, make a phone call, schedule an in-person meeting, mail a letter, or even tweet about it. Feel free to include facts from the Advocacy Resources page to show the U of M’s impact in your community.

Throughout the year, contact your legislator at least 3 times using the following methods:

  • Send an email
  • Call your legislator
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Send a letter
  • Tweet


Stay Connected.