A Ray of Sunshine

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2017

The University of Minnesota is tapping into a new source of power. With approval from the University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents in October, the U’s Twin Cities campus will purchase two megawatts of community solar garden subscriptions from Minneapolis-based Geronimo Energy, LLC.

Director of Sustainability Shane Stennes says the move not only supports the development of new renewable energy resources in Minnesota, but will save the U nearly $800,000 over the 25-year contract.

A community solar garden is a centralized, shared solar electricity facility connected to the energy grid that has multiple subscribers. The University is pursuing other renewable options in addition to the community solar subscription, recently submitting a letter of support to the Public Utilities Commission for Xcel Energy’s Renewable Connect pilot program, which would allow Xcel customers to designate that a portion of their electricity come from a blend of wind and solar resources.


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