A Sure Sign

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Fall 2016

Photo by Sher Stoneman

As far as Francesca Catibog (B.A. '12) knew, her visit to campus in late May with boyfriend Ty Jesinoski (B.S. '12) was just that: a visit to campus from their current home in Nashville. But Jesinoski, his eye on the future, had other plans. In cahoots with his mom, Toni, who helped make a series of lawn signs, Ty pulled off a surprise marriage proposal outside of the Tate of Lab of Physics, where he and Francesca met in 2009. "I was hoping she would start crying, but she was confused as to why we were walking around campus on a Sunday night and didn't realize what I was doing. I almost had to straight up tell her, 'I am proposing to you' because she didn't put two and two together with all the yard signs." They're pictured on the right after Francesca put two and two together and said yes. The wedding is set for next July 15. The couple plans to move back to the Twin Cities after she completes her studies in a dental program.


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