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From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Fall 2014

Life Spotlight

Jason Lehtinen (B.A. ’94)


As a student at the University of Minnesota, new life member Jason Lehtinen participated in and graduated from the Army ROTC program. Most of his memories relate to his time spent in the halls of the Armory and the lifelong connections he made with fellow cadets.

After college he went on to active duty as an armor and intelligence officer. His degree in international relations helped him tremendously while serving in the Army, as well as on personal travels throughout Europe. “My education helped provide some perspective on how others viewed the world, which proved helpful when working on several diverse multinational teams.”

An active volunteer with the Kansas City alumni chapter for several years, Lehtinen initially got involved to meet people in his new city who shared a common geographical and education experience. He’s continued volunteering so he can return the favor to new Kansas City area Gopher grads. His connections to the University through fellow cadets and alumni volunteering have resulted in ongoing professional and networking opportunities.

Lehtinen oversees investments in private equity and provides strategic consulting services at Mariner Holdings, a fast growing wealth management firm in suburban Kansas City.

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This list represents new life members who joined from April 1 to June 30.



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