Flipping Out

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Fall 2014

f2014_cynthiaCynthia Scott

It was a cold, raw, rainy Saturday in June when the new Green Line of the light rail transit system made its debut. The line runs between St. Paul and Minneapolis right through campus on Washington Avenue. Eager to get on board after having watched the line take shape outside the McNamara Alumni Center, I decided to check it out.

A party atmosphere prevailed inside the cars (“Hey, it still has that new train smell,” someone cracked). As we pulled into the University of Minnesota’s West Bank stop, the doors opened to dozens of U students standing on the platform handing out free foam gopher ears. A stampede ensued—kids and adults alike bolted from their seats to collect the treasure before the doors closed. By the time we crossed the Washington Avenue Bridge and came to a halt at the East Bank station, nearly everyone was sporting gopher ears.

I love how much people love the U. That’s what this special Homecoming issue is about. One story in particular exemplifies it: “It’s a Family Thing,” beginning on page 32, features four families who have multiple generations of University of Minnesota alumni. Included among them is the Mooty/Glaser family, this year’s Homecoming parade grand marshals. (As Bruce Mooty [B.A. ’77, J.D. ’80] comments in the story, a flatbed truck will be required to accommodate the entire clan.) What strikes me about all the families is how the depth and breadth of their connection to the U transcend any particular era, administration, or college. They connect to the heartbeat of the U. And they, in turn, help the heart keep on beating.

We thought it proper to feature Goldy in an issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of Homecoming, so we ordered a custom-made gold jacket for him and put him on the cover. Being the strong, silent type, he didn’t say what he thought of the jacket, but when he broke into unrestrained dancing at the photo shoot we figured he liked it. And we really liked his moves. So we created a flipbook in the upper right hand page corners of this issue so that you can enjoy them, too. I want to thank Hubbard Broadcasting for generously allowing Goldy to flip out on its ad .

You’ll find our Homecoming Guide for Alumni on page 47. Check out the offerings and join in the festivities. And take the light rail when you come to campus—it still has that new train smell.

Cynthia Scott (M.A. '89) is the editor of Minnesota. She can be reached at scott325@umn.edu

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