Limited-Edition Graduation Packages

Order the official grad box from the Alumni Association

Welcome someone to the alumni ranks this graduation season with the official grad box from the Alumni Association. These limited-edition graduation packages include a life membership to the Alumni Association, “Hat’s Off to Thee” journal, and an alumni-branded business card holder - all bundled in a unique Minnesota Rouser wooden box. Show support for your grad, the Alumni Association and alumni-owned businesses who made the box and everything in it!

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Fill out this form above to get on the list - these boxes will be available on a first-come first-served basis, so the earlier you get on the list the more likely you will be able to get one!

After you fill out the form, a representative from the Alumni Association will contact you within one to two business days to collect your payment and member information.

You will be able to choose whether the box will be sent directly to the member, or sent to the purchaser (you).


All of the items included in this bundle were produced by University of Minnesota alumni-owned businesses!


  • LIFE MEMBERSHIP - Set your grad up for life with a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association. Choose to make this purchase at one time ($750) or with our new and easy 10-month payment plan ($75/month for ten months). For a limited time you get these additional items listed below with your membership purchase at no additional cost!
  • GRAD BOX - These wooden boxes featuring the Minnesota Rouser were produced by alumni-owned business, WOODCHUCK USA. For every item WOODCHUCK produces they plant a tree, including for this limited-edition grad box!
  • ALUMNI SUPPLIES - Equip your grad with these essential professional supplies. The Hat’s Off to Thee journal and alumni-branded business card holder that are included in this graduation box are produced by alumni-owned business, Synergy Imports.


1. IT’S COST EFFECTIVE - Over time, lifetime membership to the Alumni Association is the most cost effective. It saves you money, and the Alumni Association resources and time. It’s the best way to make sure your membership dollars are used to support alumni programming.

2. YOUR GRAD WILL HAVE ACCESS TO CAREER SERVICES - The Alumni Association offers professional development opportunities to help your grad in their professional career. Webinars, networking events, and mentor programs like the Maroon and Gold Network help grads once they leave campus.

3. IT’S FOREVER - Your grad will never have to worry about renewals, once you’re a life member, you’re set for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT DOES THIS BUNDLE COST? Each bundle is priced at $750 - the normal price for a single life membership. When you purchase this bundle you receive the grad box INCLUDED in the price of a life membership. You can choose to pay the entire cost of the bundle at once ($750) or over the course of 10 months ($75/month).

DO I HAVE TO GIFT THIS TO SOMEONE? No! If you want to upgrade to a life membership and purchase this bundle for yourself, you can absolutely do so.

CAN I PURCHASE THE BOX WITHOUT A LIFE MEMBERSHIP? This grad box is only available bundled with a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association.

CAN I CALL THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION TO GET THE BUNDLE? You can definitely call the Alumni Association if you have any questions, but the fastest way to make sure you can get one of these limited-edition packages is to fill out the member presale form that was mentioned at the top of this web page. We will reach out to you within two business days to finalize your order and process payment.

CAN I BUY MORE THAN ONE BUNDLE? If there are enough grad boxes at the time that you sign up, you can absolutely purchase more than one bundle. This can be organized over the phone with the Alumni Association representative that calls you to process your payment.

WHAT IF I BUY A JOINT MEMBERSHIP? If you want to purchase a joint membership, we can send you two grad boxes if you like. When an Alumni Association representatives calls you for payment please specify whether you want one or two boxes with your joint membership.


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