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As a University of Minnesota Greek alumnus, you are part of a large and vibrant community. Today we have more than 3,000 students who are part of a Panhellenic or IFC chapter. Your expertise, both professionally and personally, as a successful Greek alumnus and graduate of the U of M can make a difference for our Greek students.

The Minnesota Greek Alumni Council is looking for Greek Alumni who want to connect with today’s Greek students. Are you willing to be a one-on-one mentor to a current Greek student?

The goal of this November-through-April program is to share your personal and professional perspective with your individual Greek student mentee, meeting about once per month. Students are interested in learning from you about your background, your own career path and how your Greek experience may have made a difference for you personally and professionally. This new Greek Mentor Program lets you get involved and make a meaningful impact without a major time commitment.

As a mentor attending a few of our Greek student/alumni events as part of the program, you will also get to network occasionally with others within the Greek community and help us create the next generation of leaders.

Your mentor partnership begins with a November 14 kick-off event at Cambria in downtown Minneapolis where you will “meet your match.” Some of our IFC and PHC chapters have more limited alumni involvement so this is chance for all interested Greek students to be connected to a Greek alumna in their career interest area. We will also provide some tips and training materials so the pair can agree on the best ways develop the mentor/mentee experience.

Today’s Greek students and leaders are excited to connect and learn from Greek alumni like you! We are asking each Mentor/Mentee pair to meet in a time and place that fits your schedules- about monthly after the November kick-off and until the April ending banquet. With only about 10 hours, you can make a big difference- for you and the students. Please consider volunteering below to become a Greek Mentor this school year. SIGN UP TO BE A MENTOR HERE.


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