Growing Older: Reader Essay by Donald Alm

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2017

W2017_GrowingOlderDonaldAlm_Inline300 Getting older is not easy. The things I used to do without reflection just cannot be done anymore. I wonder each day what new physical ailment awaits. A friend once told me, “Getting older is not for sissies.” How very true!

What has changed the most? Easily said but not easily accepted, and that is losing a loving spouse after 50 years of being together. I have never gotten over it—even after 11 years without her by my side. However, I have found I have to learn to live with her loss, hard as it is. Life does go on.

Everything has changed and I am so lonely without her. I cannot help but wonder how getting older would be so much easier if she was still by my side and sharing the aches, pains, and anxiety of getting older.

- Donald Alm (B.S. ’61), St. Cloud

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