Growing Older: Reader Essay by Jan Hively

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2017

W2017_GrowingOlderJanHively_Inline300 Now that I am 85, my focus is shifting away from day-to-day activities to ponder what is most near and dear and basic—the petals of a flower, the myriad movements of my hand, or intimacy with my life partner—while I work on worldwide issues such as global aging and climate change.

I am thrilled by the capacity of the Internet to inform my shifting perspectives, from defining a new word to connecting me with global networks of people with similar interests.

I am intensely grateful for my good luck in living at this time in this country where I have benefited from medical miracles, improved nutrition, expanding women’s rights, and added longevity, speaking a language that can be understood in most countries around the world, and seeing my children prosper.

- Jan Hively (M.A. ’77, Ph.D. ’01), West Yarmouth, Massachusetts

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