Growing Older: Reader Essay by Roger Holm

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2017

W2017_GrowingOlderRogerHolm_Inline300 I celebrated my 92nd birthday on October 7. Time seems to pass faster every day. One good thing about getting older is that friends stop in to help me.

There are some big things in my life that I have to live with. I learned to downhill ski but had to quit. I also liked golf but had to quit when I could not hit the ball far enough. The best part of my life now is that I am healthy enough to be somewhat active. I am also blessed that I came home after being in the Army for 3½ years and only had one injury, for which I received a Purple Heart. Coming home was wonderful and I went right back to the U of M to complete my degree in business. I was in the hardware business for 60 years.

One wonderful part of the U of M was when I became Homecoming chairman in 1948. I had malaria when I served in Japan; when I came home and went to the U I had a relapse. But with the new med I never had another. The U of M and now the VA St. Cloud take good care of me.

Old feels like slowing down and young was when we partied and danced more.

- Roger Holm (B.S. ’48), Atwater, Photographed by Sher Stoneman

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