Growing Older Extra: Reader Essay by Dr. John and Marilyn Stewart

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2017

W2017_GrowingOlderExtraDr.JohnandMarilynStewart_Inline300 What's funny about getting older?

Forgetting simple things can be funny. It's surprising that you can do most things but at a slower pace.

What is the best thing about your age right now?

I think clearly! Being older and no longer working, I can be on my own time and do as I please.

What is the worst thing? I still need a wheelchair part-time.

How do you describe romance later in life?

Just as good as any other time!

What does young feel like? Young feels like fresh air and feeling the breeze in your face.

What does old feel like? Old feels like my skin and its many blemishes.

We are so fortunate to be together, helping each other, able to think clearly, laughing together, watching the Twins lose another game together, listening to our favorite Minnesota Orchestra recordings together.

We are so thankful for every lovely day, to be able to watch with amazement the growth and achievement of our grandchildren. And, because we were quite involved in the development of UMN Rochester, we are excited to see its growth and development and its leadership in higher education innovation.

- Dr. John (D.D.S. ’61) and Marilyn (B.A. ’53) Stewart, Rochester

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