Letters: Spring 2014

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Spring 2014

A U Turn Home

Moments prior to the arrival of the Winter 2014 issue of Minnesota, I had been on the phone with a close friend, telling her I was moving back to Minnesota after 18 years away. I’ve spent my life traveling, “trying on” different cities and even different countries. At the end of my occasional visits to relatives in the Twin Cities, I always asked myself, “Why did I ever leave here?” It’s the only place I ever felt nurtured, supported, and at home.

I served as an editorial assistant for Minnesota from 1995 to 1996 while earning my B.A. in English, and Shelly Fling’s editor’s note elicited a knowing laugh from my throat. I was transported right back to those often high-stress days digging up intriguing stories about talented alumni doing meaningful things, getting immersed in their lives if only for the hours or days allowed to craft a story—and never forgetting the great people I was privileged to profile.

When I read Susan Maas’s finely written cover story, “Unbridled Hope,” tears welled up in my eyes and streamed freely down my cheeks. It is because of alumni like CeCe Terlouw, the fine work of the Minnesota staff, and U of M alumni worldwide that I feel so compelled to return to my home state to contribute to the community that has nurtured me and so many others, and to finally be an active part of the Alumni Association. I have spent my life giving my professional and emotional self to others in an effort to help them live better lives. Now, I belong to Minnesota, returning the favor to the place and the people that taught me how to give so many years ago.

Sara Hauber (B.A. ’96) Chicago

Misguided Focus

I urge alumni, their families, friends, and associates to strongly oppose the wrongheaded plan by President Kaler and Athletics Director Norwood Teague to try to raise millions from the private sector to expand athletics facilities.

Athletics have nothing to do with education and such donations will take money away from projects directly related to the U’s mission, education.

Contact Kaler, Teague, the Board of Regents, Governor Dayton, and your state legislators to tell them this idea is totally misguided, that you worry about public monies inevitably being used despite pledges to the contrary. The U should focus on education, not meaningless sports.

Willard Shapira (B.A. ’58) Roseville, Minnesota

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