UMAA Adopts New Strategic Plan

From the Fall 2018 Issue of Minnesota Alumni

In June, the Alumni Association Board of Directors voted to approve a new five-year strategic plan for the UMAA. The plan was informed by alumni feedback—gathered through an all-alumni survey fielded last fall—and input from University leaders.

ST_2018_Fall_UMAAAdoptsNewStrategicPlan_INline In crafting the strategic plan, the UMAA sought to understand what types of services or involvement are of most interest to alumni. The top responses were career services, opportunities to mentor students, and serving as ambassadors for the U. In addition, alumni emphasized the importance of preserving the strength of the U and the value of every degree. Each of these priorities are addressed in the new plan.

Over the next five years, the Alumni Association will focus on four goals: enriching the lives of all alumni, bolstering student success, advancing the interests of the University of Minnesota, and leading through organizational strength. Specific offerings will include career services for alumni, opportunities to mentor students, lifelong learning resources, and other programs that enhance alumni well-being. In addition, the UMAA will continue to provide alumni with timely, relevant University news and partner with them to expand legislative advocacy that strengthens the U.

The new plan will enable the UMAA to support the U’s strategic priorities. We will keep alumni connected to the U through Minnesota Alumni magazine, the Alumni Angle weekly email, and other print and digital communications, delivering information that is both timely and personally relevant. As the University continues to manage its enrollment and graduation rates, the UMAA will seek to partner with alumni to recruit students and encourage admitted students to enroll. Once students arrive on campus, the Alumni Association and alumni will serve as a valuable source of mentoring and support.

To read the full strategic plan, go to UMNAlumni. org/StrategicPlan.

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