Volunteer Spotlight: Best Buy Alumni Network Leaders



Q. What have been some of your favorite experiences as Best Buy Alumni Network volunteer leaders?

A. Interacting with Best Buy employees who share the same passion for the U of M! We’ve had a lot of fun and engagement from our committee members when we’ve brought professors onto our campus to share their academic expertise and seeing our alumni utilize this information in their work and lives. We’ve also had many fun social events and as a result of our efforts, seen huge growth in our numbers – we’re now at nearly 200 members! Outside of specific U of M activities, we’ve also leveraged our alumni network to expand to other volunteering efforts and a notable organization, Project SUCCESS, has been a particular interest of ours. The nonprofit works with students on development and goal setting in Minneapolis/St Paul school districts.

Q. Why do you volunteer with the Best Buy Alumni Network?

A. We value giving back to the community that we love and seeing our maroon and gold passion is fantastic! Many of us feel it’s important to grow Best Buy’s alumni base in support of the U of M Alumni Association. We enjoy giving back and supporting the University that gave us so much! We also volunteer to stay connected with the U of M community and grow Best Buy’s footprint at the U.

Q. Why would you encourage other alumni to get involved with the U? (inside or outside of Best Buy)

A. It’s a great way to meet people in different areas of the company and expand your network while maintaining a connection to the University. Networking is so important to personal development and career advancement. If you want to be connected to the U of M in any way, shape or form, the Alumni Association has what seems to be limitless ways to engage and in the frequency you want. This is a great opportunity to connect and support current students as they graduate. Additionally, it’s a great way to grow Best Buy’s brand on campus.

Q. Share some alumni words of wisdom.

A. Never root for the Badgers. It’s never too early or never too late to get involved with your alumni network or the Alumni Association. It’s so much fun! Our connection with the U of M is a great way to network, and gain insight to diverse perspectives. It’s not how many people you know, it is who you know. Go Gophers!

More about our Best Buy leaders

Jason Bruce, Senior Diversity Recruiter
BA Economics/Psychology (1989)
Fun Fact: Was part of winning “The Little Brown Jug” (Michigan), “The Axe” (Wisconsin) and “Floyd” (Iowa)

Alan Cheng, Senior Demand Planning Analyst
BA Economics (2013)
Fun Fact: I was the Business Rep for the Asian-American Student Union. We had all the best ethnic food at our events!

Natalie Fogal, Account Manager- Media Network
BSB Supply Chain & Marketing (2007)
Fun Fact: I played club co-ed soccer while at the U and it was really fun!

Lynn Swiggum, Merchant
BSB Marketing and Public/Nonprofit Management (2011)

Ali Weideman, Reverse Logistics Planner
BSB Supply Chain & Entrepreneurship (2013) and Part-Time MBA Student (Expected graduation 2021)
Fun Fact: I was captain on the UMN Rowing Team - Ski U Mah!

Chris Woodbury, Director- Reverse Logistics
BSB Marketing (1997), MS Supply Chain Management (starting in Fall 2018)
Fun Fact: I was Alto Saxophone Section Leader and Rank Lieutenant in the U of M Marching Band!

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