Welcome To Our New Board Chair

From the Fall 2018 Issue of Minnesota Alumni

On July 1, incoming Alumni Association board chair Doug Huebsch (B.S. ’85) took the reins. Huebsch, who has served on the board since 2014, is a partner in New Life Farms, which specializes in turkey and beef production, and president of Goose Group, Inc.—both companies are based in Perham, Minnesota. “Though scattered across the globe, the UMAA connects and supports our alumni to form a network of loyalty and pride,” he says. “The UMAA advocates for the University of Minnesota with a unified voice, knowing that current and future alumni are the economic engine of Minnesota and the world.”


Huebsch is an Otter Tail County commissioner and an avid Gophers fan. All three of his adult children are U graduates. One of his goals as chair is to increase Alumni Association funding. “We need to be entrepreneurial in developing a financial and business model that sets the standard for the future and enables us to build even more upon the U’s alumni network and ability to facilitate and enrich the lives of Minnesotans.

“We at the University of Minnesota and the UMAA are grateful to our Minnesota residents for investing in the U,” adds Huebsch. “This year, we’re focusing on sending the love back. We’ll be showcasing alumni, businesses, and communities not just across the state but also across the nation and globe. From health care to agriculture, engineering to technology, we Minnesotans are better off because of the U. It’s really a circle of life and this year, we’re focusing on sharing that message of mutual enrichment, gratitude, and thanks.”

Join the UMAA if you haven’t already, he says. “Just as someone advocated for you as a student, you may advocate for current students, as an alumnus. This system only works with the participation of each new alumnus. Standing together, the University and its alumni are greater than standing alone.”

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