Another Startup at the U

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Summer 2014

another startup

Zepto Life Technology is the University of Minnesota’s newest startup company. Launched in March, the St. Paul-based business uses giantmagnetoresistance (GMR) biosensors to provide highly sensitive detection and diagnosis of health conditions. Its vision is to lead the world in monitoring and diagnosing health imperfections to help improve quality of life. Zepto’s chief scientist is Jian-Ping Wang, professor of electrical and computing engineering at the U.

Thus far in 2014 the U has launched seven startup companies, with nine more currently in the final stage of the five-stage pre-launch pipeline. Seven of those have markets of $100 million to $1 billion, and two have markets of $1 billion or more. Since 2006 the U has launched 59 startups, 80 percent of them still active.


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