Braced for Success

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2015

By Chuck Benda

Given her earliest experiences in a dentist’s chair, it’s a bit surprising that Jennifer Eisenhuth (D.D.S. ’94, M.S. ’96) chose a career in dentistry. “When I was a child, all of my dental experiences were awful,” Eisenhuth says. But then came the need for braces and an orthodontist who brought a smile to her face—literally and figuratively—and she began to dream of doing the same for others.

Eisenhuth considers herself an entrepreneur who just happens to be an orthodontist. She opened her first practice in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, in 1996, learning the ins and outs of starting a new business both from experience and by joining national study clubs focused on the business side of orthodontics.

Now a seasoned practitioner, Eisenhuth’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to guide her business. She and her full-time staff of 12 operate a thriving practice in Eagan, Minnesota. An open, colorful, and well-lighted waiting area offers a coffee bar and smoothie machine and enough games, magazines, and books to occupy a scout troop. Twice a year, she hosts customer appreciation events for patients and their families; this year it was Dr. Jennifer’s Carnival, complete with games, food, and door prizes. Minnesota Business named Eisenhuth’s practice one of its 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2014.

One key to Eisenhuth’s success: Everyone in her practice loves what they do. “We really do have the best job in the world. Every day we get to make people smile,” she says.


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