From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Summer 2014

Ron and Sharon Faanes


Some people travel to relax and escape their worries. For Ron and Sharon Faanes, it’s learning, not leisure, that calls. “Our focus is on education,” says Ron (B.A. ’63, M.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’70). “We want to really learn what other cultures are like.”

No surprise then that the couple has, to cite only a few examples, cruised to South Africa and Singapore, visited Tahiti in a sailing vessel, and traveled by boat through Russia, all via the Alumni Travel Program. “The trips we like are very much focused on education, and you always have the opportunity to discuss issues first-hand with local people,” Ron says.

Trips have had a deep impact. When the couple visited Italy, for instance, they met with locals in a hotel, where a fellow traveler took to his feet to apologize to their guests. “Turns out he had been a fighter pilot in the war and had bombed this area. Everyone was in tears.”


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