Naturally Expansive

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Winter 2015

When they opened Tangletown Gardens in an old Pure Oil station in south Minneapolis in 2002, Dean Engelmann (B.S. ’93, B.S. ’97), left, and Scott Endres (B.S. ’94), right, knew they would eventually expand their business. They bought some land in Plato, Minnesota, for their warehouse and production facilities, where they grow most of the plants they sell in addition to producing vegetables, beef, pork, poultry, and eggs.

It wasn’t long before their garden design and landscaping services took off. A few years later, the duo opened Wise Acre Eatery one block south of Tangletown Gardens. Most everything on the menu is made from scratch and homegrown on their farm. They also sell shares of the garden’s bounty to members of Tangletown’s community supported agriculture project.




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