Three Who Did It In Four

From Minnesota Alumni Magazine Fall 2015

Eric White - Eyes on the Prize

Eric White (B.S.B. ’13) seemed destined to attend the University of Minnesota. “Both of my parents and my sister graduated from the U. My grandpa was a professor there, my mom worked there for 20 years, and my dad works there today,” he says.

White was eager to take full advantage of the opportunities he saw at the University. “I didn’t just want to check the boxes to get out with a specific major or minor,” he says. “I wanted to pick classes that took me out into the community. I wanted to study abroad.” He did just that: Not only did he major in finance, minor in Spanish studies, and spend a semester in Spain, but he also worked through the Neighborhood Development Center to help Latino entrepreneurs make the most of their businesses. He landed two internships, one with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and one with Target in the finance department.

White’s advisers were happy to help him squeeze the most out of his U experience—but they also made sure he was always on track to graduate on time. For White, that focus stuck. “It set that idea in my mind, that my goal should be to get out in four years,” he says. There was a strong financial incentive to graduate in four years, too: He received a Minnesota Gold Scholarship, merit-based aid that lasted exactly four years. “That’s what I loved about the U,” he says. “There was everything you could want there, and if there wasn’t, you could create it.”

Today, White works on special projects at Bluestem Brands, Inc. —E.P.


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