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The Homegrown Company will be featured at the Alumni Association's 2019 Annual Celebration on Friday, April 26.

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The Homegrown Story

As told by U of M alumnus Johnathan Johnson

Homegrown JohnathanIn 5th grade, I wore high knee length socks when I played basketball because I wanted to play as well as Bobby Jackson. For me, attending the University of Minnesota was a no brainer. I could not have asked for a better collegiate experience. I was a sport management major so working at TCF Bank Stadium for the inaugural season was a dream come true.

Homegrown SweatshirtLike many of my peers, I struggled finding the full time work I desired. In 2014 I decided to go all in and bet on myself and take full grasp of my future. The Homegrown Company was started as a way to express my love for Minnesota to someone without having a conversation. The roots represent your connectedness to the place you call home. There’s something to be said about people born and raised in Minnesota and that something is tough. We don’t let blizzards keep us from trick or treating and we don’t let a negative 10 degree wind chill keep us from work. My heart bleeds purple and my tears are maroon and gold, my name is Johnathan Johnson and I am Minnesota HOMEGROWN!

University of Minnesota Impact

Homegrown Onesie GrayThe University of Minnesota has been my biggest supporter and I owe much of it to Mrs. Karen Kaler. In 2015, we exchanged emails which led to me helping her with a project. I expressed my desire to have my product in the bookstore and within weeks I received my first purchase order from the U of M Bookstore. The school I once wrote tuition checks to, now sends me checks payable to The Homegrown Company.


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