University of Minnesota License Plates

Drive with pride!

Show your maroon and gold pride wherever you go with the official University of Minnesota license plate and help students at the same time! With $25 from each plate purchase or renewal supporting student scholarships at the U of M, it's an easy way to show your spirit and make an impact.

Get your plate today!

Plates may be purchased for a Minnesota-registered vehicle. You don’t have to wait until your registration is due. Order your plate today in one of these ways:

  • Complete this application and bring it with you when you to purchase or renew your license plate tabs at a Deputy Registrar Office location.
  • Mail the completed application, along with appropriate fees, to:

Driver and Vehicle Service
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 164
St. Paul, MN 55101-5164

Plate Options

License Plate Twin Cities 407x205 License Plate Crookston 407x205 License Plate Duluth 407x205 License Plate Morris 407x205

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain a new U of M license plate?

You may apply for a U of M plate at a Deputy Registrar Office or by completing and mailing an application, along with appropriate fees to:

Driver and Vehicle Service
445 Minnesota Street, Suite 164
St. Paul, MN 55101-5164

(Make checks payable to Driver and Vehicle Services or DVS)

The fees include a $10 initial plate cost, a $10 filing fee, and a $25 minimum contribution in addition to any registration fees that may be due. The $25 contribution goes to the University of Minnesota to support student scholarships.

How do I renew my U of M license plate if I already have one?

When you receive your registration renewal, you can renew in person at a Deputy Registrar Office, by mail, or online.

The renewal notice will reflect the $25 annual contribution due to retain the U of M plate. You may increase the donation amount if you wish.

What vehicles qualify for a U of M license plate?

The U of M plate may be displayed on passenger class vehicles (cars, vans, pickups) owned or jointly owned or leased by the applicant. You may display the U of M plate on numerous vehicles, but separate fees are due for each application.

Can I keep my U of M license plate when I sell my car?

Yes! You can transfer your U of M plates to your new vehicle. A $5 transfer fee applies and the $25 contribution will be collected for the new vehicle.

Do I have to wait until my tab renewal to get a U of M license plate?

No, you may purchase the U of M license plate at any time. However, the minimum contribution is due whenever a contribution plate is purchased or transferred and again when renewed each year.

What if I already have a personalized Minnesota license plate?

You may replace your personalized plates with U of M plates.

Can I personalize my U of M license plate?

Unfortunately, personalization of special plates is not an option at this time.

Who can purchase a plate?

Any individual with a vehicle registered in the state of Minnesota. We encourage alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff and fans to purchase the plate and support the University of Minnesota.

Is the purchase of a plate tax deductible?

Yes, the $25 contribution can be counted as a tax-deductible gift. You will receive a receipt from Driver and Vehicle Services.

Am I able to get a U of M plate with a disability insignia?

The plates are available with a disability insignia for qualifying applicants. Refer to the Disability License Plate page to learn more about qualification

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For more information, contact the Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services at 651-297-3166.


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