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Mokeeta will be featured at the Alumni Association's 2018 Annual Celebration on Friday, May 4th.

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The Mokeeta Story

As told by U of M alumnus Dewey Lane and Anthony Kling

Mokeeta Bottles_300x340 Mokeeta started as a class project by Dewey Lane out of the Entrepreneurship in Action course, taught by John Stavig at the Carlson School of Management. Dewey and Anthony Kling met when Dewey’s class received a tour of the U of M Department of Art Digital Fabrication Lab, where Anthony was the lab manager. Dewey’s group subsequently began using the lab to prototype their products. After the course concluded Anthony joined Dewey, combining their efforts to grow Mokeeta.

Their first major client was the Royal Bank of Canada, who purchased an order of customized mugs as part of their clean water initiative. This gave them the capital to transition from a communal maker space and acquire their own equipment.

Mokeeta Tags_300x225As time went on they started to be able to hire extra help and moved operations from their garage to a space in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. This spring they are preparing to make more capital investments and begin marketing more aggressively.

Mokeeta strives to combine craftsmanship, technology and materials to provide unique and sustainable products. Be it working with Fortune 500 companies, independent retailers, artists and designers, or directly with consumers. Mokeeta sells products that are either meant to reduce consumption through reusability or are made with traceable and sustainable materials.

“Little Things Add Up.”

How Has the University of Minnesota Impacted You

Dewey Lane
Mokeeta Dewey Lane_325x325 As an older student, it breathed new life into me. The University of Minnesota and Carlson School of Management invigorated me to change myself and the world. There is an energy in the students and staff that is contagious.

The University taught me much more than academics. I was inspired, and I was challenged, and I realized how much I don’t know. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the University of Minnesota and look forward to continued involvement.

Anthony Kling
Mokeeta Anthony Kling_275x365 Going to such a large school, such as the University of Minnesota, provided me the resources to thoroughly explore my interests in Business, Art and Design. By both simultaneously being able to explore a breadth of different topics and dive deep into the facets that interested me the most I was able research and develop a lot of the technology, tools and techniques that would later on become pivotal to the foundation of my business.


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