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Shinesty will be featured at the Alumni Association's 2018 Annual Celebration on Friday, May 4th, and find them in the Minnesota Alumni Market.

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The Shinesty Story

As told by U of M alumna Anna Peshock

Shinesty Peshock_Headshot1_300x200 Freshman year can be described by the words “bright-eyed desperation,” we all came to the U desperate to make our kindergarten dreams a reality, hungry for the knowledge that would catapult us into our idealist version of “adulthood.” I was relentless in pursing my goal of becoming a designer. I knew that is what I was meant to be and nothing could stand in my way, save one thing, the required summer internship. As the summer before my senior year was coming to a close I was introduced to two guys who curated an online collection of vintage “party clothing.” They wanted to start making their own designs, but needed someone with apparel knowledge, thus Shinesty Private Label was born.

Shinesty MinnesotaBlazer Womens_250x341 Was I qualified to start the design and production division of a company? Absolutely not, but this was my dream and I knew I would never give up on that no matter what happened. Through the many relentless hours spent in studio throughout my college career I realized that without laughter, spontaneity, and fun, nothing you did would be worth it, and to never take life too seriously. This is the essence of Shinesty.

I spend every day making clothing that gives you permission to be wild, crazy, and spontaneous. Every day allows me to be myself and live my dream and this is the heart and soul of every product at Shinesty. Shinesty allows you to be any version of yourself and reminds you to never take life too seriously.

How Has the University of Minnesota Impacted You

PeshockHeadshot2_300x200 Being an Apparel Designer truly defines who I am, it allows me to give the world a visual representation of every stage of my life. I have never questioned that I would be a designer, but the U of M gave me the ability to take control of my future and make it what I have dreamed about. The ADes program at the U left me inspired and with the ability to make product with limitless creativity and innovation.


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