Start a New Alumni Network


Alumni Association Mission Statement

The University of Minnesota Alumni Association fosters a lifelong spirit of belonging and pride by connecting alumni, students, and friends to the University of Minnesota and each other. The Alumni Association advocates for the University and its alumni with a credible, independent, and collaborative voice.

Network Mission Statement

Alumni networks actively engages all those with an interest in the welfare of the University of Minnesota by creating the foundation to be able to build new relationships and strengthen old ties.

What is a Network?

A Network is a group based on a geographic location or university affinity that help alumni to remain connected to their alma mater.

A Network can be led by one individual or a group of local alumni leaders who act as ambassadors promoting the relationship between alumni and the University. The Alumni Association provides leadership, guidance, and resources in support of Networks and works closely with Network leaders to engage:

  • The graduates of the University of Minnesota (almost half a million worldwide!)
  • Friends with a vested interest in the welfare of the University
  • Current and prospective students

How to Start a Network


The purpose of a Network is:

  • To establish a mutually beneficial relationship between University of Minnesota, its alumni and friends
  • To actively recruit and welcome new members and to facilitate connections between network members
  • To sponsor and support programs and activities that will enhance the image of the University of Minnesota and mission of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association

Initial Interest

Go to our Alumni Networks Page to see if there is an active network already in your area or of interest to you. If there is already an active network, contact the current network leader to get involved. Learn how you can help lead and assist in network planning through your network leader.

If a network already exists, but there is no current network leader, contact your UMAA Network Director and let them know you are interested in becoming the network leader.

If there is not a network available, and you would like to start a network, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Review Expectations for a Network Leader

Step 2: Consider the type of events you would like to organize

Step 3: Contact your UMAA Network Director, let them know you would like to become a network leader, and share your idea for your first network event.


Stay Connected.