McNamara Alumni Center

The 250,000-square-foot McNamara Alumni Center stands at the corner of Oak and University, across from Williams Arena and TCF Bank Stadium. The first floor of the alumni center is a 36,000 sq. ft conference center made up of ten unique rooms which are available to rent for University events and private use.

Alumni Association life members receive up to 20% on room rentals at this award-winning Twin Cities event venue and a $100 gift card from D’Amico Catering with any new booking of Memorial Hall, University Hall or Johnson Great Room.



Room rental discount at McNamara Alumni Center

  • Memorial Hall ($2,550 discounted to $2,200)
  • University Hall ($1,500 discounted to $1,300)
  • Johnson Great Room ($1,500 discounted to $1,300)
  • Thomas H. Swain Room ($900 discounted to $800)
  • Heritage Gallery ($900 discounted to $800)
  • Ski-U-Mah Room ($700 discounted to $600)
  • The Commons ($400 discounted to $350)
  • Minnesota Room ($350 discounted to $300)
  • Gateway ($200 discounted to $150)
  • Big Ten Room ($200 discounted to $150)


Discounts for life members on McNamara wedding packages*:

  • University Hall package $100 off
  • Memorial Hall package $200 off
  • Memorial Hall with Johnson Great Room package $300 off
  • Any new booking of Memorial Hall, University Hall or Johnson Great room by a life member includes a $100 gift card from D'Amico Catering (Friday and Saturday night events)



  • The McNamara contract must be in the name of the life member.  He/she is accountable for the contract terms and payment.
  • The life member or his/her owned company is our client and the life member will be present at the event.
  • At the time of the reservation, the person's life membership is paid in full.
  • Limited to four events a year per life member.
  • Not valid for events already booked with signed contracts.
  • Examples of qualified events: a life member's child's wedding; a holiday party or meeting for a company owned by a life member.

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